Cleaning must be part of school routine

I am happy that students in all schools will be involved in the daily cleaning of their school environment soon ("A clean way to pick up good habits in schools"; Feb 26).

This move will certainly be appreciated by parents like me.

It inculcates in our young students good habits, such as a sense of responsibility.

Many youngsters have parents and maids to pick up after them. Boys will have to learn in national service how to do their own cleaning, as well as other chores.

Getting students to keep their own schools clean makes them responsible and accountable for their actions, something that needs to be inculcated from a young age.


A clean school is vital to every member of the school community. A clean school helps improve indoor environmental quality, and reduces the spread of infectious illnesses and the triggers for asthma and allergies.

All of these issues impact absenteeism for both students and staff .

School is a place where many children will spend a large amount of their time.

Getting them to clean their own environment will not take up too much of class time ("Parents give thumbs up, but some have doubts"; Feb 26).

In fact, learning to care for their environment this way is as important as learning maths, science, literature and other subjects.

I applaud the Education Ministry for this long-overdue move.

V. Balu