Clamp down on cars parked along public roads

Even though landed property owners should park their cars within their own compounds, many actually park along public roads.

They do this for free and for as long as they want. Some residents with more than one car even line the road with empty rubbish bins and flower pots to reserve the spaces.

These actions are contrary to the Government's car-lite policy and is unfair to flat and condominium dwellers, who are facing higher parking fees ("Fewer parking spaces, higher parking fees the way to go"; April 18).

Cars parked along public main roads and side roads are also major obstructions to traffic flow within some housing estates.

Each household should be restricted to owning a maximum of two cars. Any subsequent car registered to the same household address should pay 200 per cent of the prescribed road tax.

This is the way to maximise car ownership within a household, reduce land resources for carparks, and create a fairer car-lite policy.

Sum Kam Weng