Chit-chat sessions good way to spread info to residents

I agree with Mr Gan Kok Tiong ("Nothing beats face-to-face explanations on govt policies"; Dec 4).

As a grassroots volunteer, I meet many seniors at our community activities.

Some of them may not read the newspapers or watch television news, and they find out about government schemes from their family members or neighbours. When they have questions about the schemes, they may not know who they can turn to.

To help them, grassroots volunteers in my area have been organising chit-chat sessions at coffee shops to hear their concerns.

We use "Ask Kopi Kakis" booklets from our community club to provide bite-sized information on schemes pertaining to things like healthcare, public transport and family-related matters.

Our residents have found these sessions useful in addressing their concerns. Later this month, we will be having a Christmas celebration at our community club, where we will also share information about government schemes.

We all can play our part to help. I invite everyone to join in efforts to help their neighbours learn about government schemes, so that they may rest assured that help is at hand should they ever need it.

Rosemary Lim Moh Tin (Ms)