Check for stagnant water in seldom-used parts of homes, offices

We could go beyond the Five-Step Mozzie Wipeout method to prevent mosquito breeding.

Most homes and some offices have more than one toilet. I suggest that we also check for stagnant water at least once a week in the following locations:

- Toilet bowls and water cisterns in seldom-used toilets;

- Wash basins that are seldom used;

- Floor traps in seldom-used areas;

- Drip trays under drainer racks for cutlery and dishes.

In addition, we should place a cap or a fine net over the overflow pipe of the water cisterns.

A good practice is also to flush away stagnant water. If stagnant water is expected to be present for a week or more, I suggest using some bleach.

I hope the above will help us in our joint efforts to stop mosquito breeding.

Ng Khee Yang (Dr)