Change mindsets to narrow social divide

It is human nature for people to have the desire to move up the social ladder.

At whichever point of the ladder people are, there is a tendency to associate and interact with peers of a similar class or stature (Class divide and inequality make for poor mix, Jan 7; and Disrupting social circles to boost cohesion, Jan 8).

In fact, the issue of social divide does not lie with just income disparity and educational levels. The mindsets of human beings and artificial societal structures also play a part.

Over the years, country clubs and elite schools have become the societal formations that project an "exclusive" image. This has widened the chasm in society.

We should work towards a society that is caring, tolerant, inclusive, compassionate, fair and transparent, and live harmoniously regardless of our race, language, religion and social status.

Teo Kueh Liang