Change landlords' attitudes on lift maintenance

It is high time that the authorities looked into the matter of maintenance of lifts, and enforce strict regulatory measures, so that safety shall never be compromised.

There are landlords who show a careless attitude towards maintenance, flouting all the standard procedures, resulting in tenants and clients having to climb the stairs to avoid any untoward incidents.

This defeats the purpose of having a lift.

Business tenants pay high rentals, plus maintenance fees. Some are at the mercy of the landlord, as they may lose customers if they move.

To be fair to them, there is a real need for the Building and Construction Authority to make more regular inspection tours to assure the safety of the rented premises and impose rules on owners to reach a long-term solution to overcome lift defects.

Certainly, while we, as frequent users of lifts, have the responsibility to safeguard lifts from vandalism of any kind, the onus is on building owners, who are obliged to ensure the general security of the premises, as well as take good care of lifts and other facilities.

Syed Alwi Altahir

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