CCs should focus on community building

Community clubs were formed to support government initiatives and these would include addressing the welfare, health, social and recreational needs of residents.

With a greying population, the need to promote healthy lifestyles becomes paramount. And community clubs can play a big role by organising activities such as line dancing, zumba and taiji, as well as mass exercises and morning walks.

So I do agree with the writer that gyms in community clubs should not be outsourced (Why are gyms at CCs private?; Nov 2).

Facilities such as basketball courts and gyms in community clubs support healthy living for residents of all ages.

I see no reason why gyms in community clubs should be managed by third-party vendors.

Once they are outsourced, the "losers" would be the gym users and our national programme to promote healthy lifestyles.

And the "winners" would be the community clubs, which will profit from leasing the facility, and the operators, which will make money from members.

Perhaps it is time for community clubs to rethink this issue and revisit their objectives of promoting community harmony and citizen well-being.

Lee Huan Chiang