Cat poisoning cannot be condoned

After the spate of cat deaths in Pasir Ris, I wonder if the laws are stiff enough to prevent such animal abuse ("Dead felines in Pasir Ris Park raise fears of serial cat killer"; June 22).

Poisoning a cat or any other domestic animal causes untold misery and suffering to the animal.

Humans have the advantage of being able to communicate their sufferings to someone and get help. But animals don't.

This is why more should be done, if Singapore is to become a great nation with a high level of moral progress.

Animals do us no harm. All they look for is a little love, food and shelter. It does not cost us much to give them this, and the gratitude they show more than makes up for the effort.

Doing the opposite is a sign that something is wrong with the individual, and he should seek help.

Such anti-social behaviour can only escalate, to the detriment of our nation. These acts should not be taken lightly or be condoned.

Manoraj Rajathurai