Caring teachers make a world of difference

The report on April 1 ("Kind teacher makes pupil's birthday wish come true") provided a heartwarming read.

Good teachers such as Ms Noor Haida Mohd Jakaria and the other deserving recipients of the Caring Teacher Award make a world of difference to the students in their charge, especially those who come from less privileged family backgrounds.

School is like a second home to many of them. Many students now spend long hours in school, especially with most parents working full time to earn a living. Thus, teachers play an important role in helping to inculcate positive values in these young people and help build character.

Some of these students who are academically weak or come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds have benefited much from the dedicated teachers who go the extra mile to help them, such as by making time to pay visits to the students' homes to check on them when they sense that something is amiss.

These teachers are the rare gems in our midst and we, as a society, should continue to acknowledge their good work both in as well as beyond the classroom.

We should continue efforts to raise the status of teachers, such as with better pay incentives, so as to retain them in the service.

Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)