Caring for cancer patients not just about hard medicine

ANY cancer patient or caregiver will agree that the battle with cancer is never an easy one.

After going through complex operations and rounds of chemotherapy, which further weaken frail bodies, on top of the numerous side effects from the drugs prescribed, no cancer patient or caregiver is willing to come to terms with the fact that the invincible cancer has won and it is time to move on to focus on palliative or hospice care.

Nobody gives up on his life journey willingly. Doctors and medical professionals in the field of cancer and other life-threatening diseases are expected to exercise much understanding and possess empathy, in addition to the skills and knowledge related to their profession. They are the best ones to give advice on the appropriate course of treatment and advise patients as if they are family members.

Only then will cancer patients and their caregivers be able to accept the cold hard truth and look beyond finding a cure to focus on maintaining the dignity and qualify of life.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)