Candidates' bad behaviour reflects badly on Republican brand

As an American citizen, I am appalled and embarrassed by the display three of the four Republican presidential candidates put on at a debate last month ("Tensions within Republican Party burst into open warfare at debate"; March 5).

Throughout the evening, all I heard from Mr Donald Trump, Mr Ted Cruz and Mr Marco Rubio were insults being traded back and forth.

They were arguing and talking over one another so much that it was difficult to distinguish whether I was listening to adults or adolescent children.

Instead of tackling the issues that are important to Americans, they wasted all their energy attacking one another.

The one candidate who refused to join in the childish behaviour, Mr John Kasich, unfortunately, has no chance at claiming the nomination.

All this shows how chaotic the Republican brand truly is and where it stands as a political party.

Mr Trump, Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio should be ashamed of themselves.

They are, in no way, a reflection of the majority of passionate Americans who can have civilised and mature debates about politics.

Jeff Swanson