Cancellation of TV channel: StarHub replies

StarHub is committed to offering customers a wide range of content, and the decision to cease a channel is never taken lightly ("More consumer protection, notification needed in pay-TV space" by Ms Low Sok Chong; Forum Online, June 8).

Furthermore, as significant resources are required to launch TV channels, we want all our channels to do well and to delight our customers.

Hence, in the unfortunate event that a channel has to be ceased, it is usually due to pressing reasons which make carriage of the channel unsustainable, such as low viewership or prohibitive costs.

In the case of BabyTV, we provided our customers advance notice of its cessation through crawlers which ran on the channel more than a month before the cessation date of June 30.

As we work to add even more compelling content to our Kids offering, customers can tune in to BabyFirst on StarHub TV Channel 301 for content specifically tailored to meet the needs of babies up to three years old.

BabyFirst is an award-winning channel created by leading experts in child development, which helps infants explore development basics and recognise sights and sounds through fun, educational programming.

We are mindful to ensure that we comply with our regulatory obligations and believe that BabyTV is not material content.

Nonetheless, customers can tune in to BabyFirst as an alternative channel. In addition, as BabyTV is part of the Kids Basic Tier, customers can opt to replace the Kids Basic Tier with another Basic Tier at no additional cost.

We have reached out to Ms Low to provide assistance, and thank her for her patience and continued support.

Nicholas Tee

Assistant Manager

Corporate Communications