Bus service 53 not serving Pasir Ris residents well

Many Changi Airport employees living in Pasir Ris and Loyang agonise over service 53, the only bus service that takes them to work.

A typical journey in a car during the morning peak hour takes less than 15 minutes. However, the journey on service 53 takes a minimum of 40 minutes and, sometimes, more than an hour if one lives at the west end of Pasir Ris Street 1.

It all boils down to insufficient trips and unreliable service.

Service 53 starts from Bishan, and it goes through many housing estates before making its way to Pasir Ris. By then, the bus is packed and Pasir Ris commuters often cannot get on it.

Because of the long route, there are often delays, and the timing between buses goes haywire. If one misses the bus, the wait for the next bus is around 20 minutes.

Can SBS Transit ensure that the drivers pace themselves?

I also empathise with the residents in Loyang, the last bus stop before the bus gets on the Tampines Expressway. They often cannot board the bus as it is packed to the brim.

The appeals of residents in Pasir Ris to their town representatives and MPs have not improved the situation. And there has been no word from SBS. Some commuters have suggested a peak-hour feeder bus between Pasir Ris and Changi Airport.

I disagree that bus arrival times are now more accurate ("LTA: Bus arrival times more accurate now"; July 17). In fact, for the past two weeks, the Land Transport Authority's MyTransport.SG app shows outdated arrival times for service 53.

Tricia Kat Sze Yoong (Ms)