Bus not giving way to emergency vehicles

On Thursday, I was on board an SBS Transit bus at the junction of Bedok North Street 1 and Bedok North Avenue 2 when a serious accident occurred.

The bus I was on was caught in traffic and was also the first vehicle at the junction.

A fireman-in-charge and an ambulance crew requested that the driver move the bus, as it was blocking the emergency vehicles.

I also approached the driver and asked him to divert his course to give way.

His reply surprised me. He said he had contacted the Ops room and was awaiting instructions.

This is disconcerting

Don't the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the police and other emergency services have the power to call the shots in such a situation? Can't the bus driver use his initiative to make a diversion to facilitate the rescue?

Even if a call to the Ops room is necessary, why did the Ops room take so long to respond? Do all bus drivers know what to do in emergencies?

How Chin Leng

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