Building good retirement homes should be a priority

It is not surprising that many single seniors without family support end up becoming recluses (Facilities for elderly won't work if they don't leave house, by Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng; May 5).

It is very difficult when there is no one to encourage or motivate them to stay active or interact with others. Such seniors have to manage everything on their own. But having to shoulder so much alone may be overwhelming, especially as they get on in years.

Many may also have health problems and may become depressed as a result. It is a very bad situation to be in.

This is why retirement homes with good facilities are needed.

We do not need more parks and recreation areas in Singapore. Rather, the priority should be on retirement homes, where single seniors need not feel alone and can enjoy activities and be monitored right where they are.

The old folks' homes we currently have are far from ideal. But single seniors may not have a choice.

Let us do something for our seniors so they can spend their last years in a good environment.

Shamim Moledina (Ms)