Build on trust to chart new direction

Now that the general election is over, it is of pressing urgency for all Singaporeans to rally together to ensure that the strategies formulated by the Government will contribute to increased sustainability in the years ahead ("Close ranks and unite after GE: Ministers"; Sept 14).

It is imperative for these policies to not only be in sync with the desires and aspirations of the electorate, but also, more importantly, set the pace for disciplined growth while safeguarding our peace, harmony and stability.

Bread-and-butter issues should be given priority, as such problems impact the majority of our population.

The strong bonds formed between Singaporeans and the state over the years have created a more cohesive society that has nurtured a strong sense of national identity.

I hope the PAP will continue to build on the trust placed in it by the voters and chart a new, clear direction for the country for the next 50 years.

It must also take into consideration some of the issues that the opposition raised. It is important, now more than ever before, for the Government to be mindful of different opinions, and to make greater efforts to communicate and connect with Singaporeans from all strata of society.

It must also ensure that our system of meritocracy does not stray from its avowed objective of providing equal opportunity for all in our multiracial and multicultural society.

While, in the years to come, we may give more attention to individual rights and liberties, we must not forget that there are duties and responsibilities expected of us.

We should, therefore, be open to new understandings of ourselves and the world, and enhance our lives and the lives of others.

It is wise to remember not to give undue importance to material obsessions and desires to the exclusion of morals, family values and human civility.

We should not only tolerate but, more importantly, also appreciate and celebrate the social, cultural and religious beliefs of other community groups.

This will create greater cohesiveness and harmony, and a brighter future for all.

V. Subramaniam (Dr)