Build more all-weather bus stops

The high-roof bus shelters near the newly opened Downtown Line 2 MRT stations are eye-catching and work wonders to keep the rain at bay.

Kudos to the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) innovative design; it is a really considerate move, allowing commuters to board and alight public buses safely and comfortably, whether rain or shine.

I wonder if this thoughtful fixture could be extended to other high-usage bus stops?

At other existing bus stops, it is common to see rainwater splashing from the shelter's outer edge into the commuters' sheltered area.

In this instance, it might be helpful to install fascia or soffit flashings.

I understand the bus-stop designs are standardised for economies of scale, reusability and ease of building and maintenance, but building more such high-roof, all-weather bus stops would be a giant step towards achieving a "car-lite Singapore".

Loong Chik Tong