Build app to manage parcel lockers

I look forward to the parcel locker system, and hope more suggestions from the public can be gathered so we can have more innovation in the delivery and logistics sector ("Nationwide parcel locker network in the works"; April 27, and "Ideas on parcel locker network" by Mr Alick Chia; April 28).

We can take it one step further by building a companion app.

Features could include notification about a delivery or missed delivery, where to collect the parcel and the passcode to open the locker.

There can be an option to call back or to schedule a redelivery or redirection.

It can also enable the authorisation of another person to collect the parcel. A two-factor authentication system can be implemented to ensure that the items are not lost if the collection message is accidentally sent to someone else.

A system could be set up so that redelivery can be taken up by registered individuals, in a model similar to Grab or Uber.

For instance, seniors who wish to work by doing some light deliveries could bid for jobs through this system. A fee could be paid by the parcel recipient for this redelivery.

This would help alleviate the manpower shortage and, more importantly, help seniors stay active.

Keith See Beng Hwee