BreadTalk's actions hurt its reputation

Isn't BreadTalk's act of passing off packaged soya bean milk as "freshly prepared" ("Soya milk sold at BreadTalk is from Yeo's"; Aug 5), an offence similar to the two meat suppliers who passed off beef as mutton ("2 meat suppliers fined for passing beef off as mutton"; Nov 8, 2012)?

Are there any regulations in place to protect consumers from such rogue businesses?

The flawed explanation from BreadTalk, that the chain packed its soya milk in the same bottles it used for its fresh juice - which had the words "freshly prepared" already printed on them - is also unconvincing.

Also, isn't selling soya bean milk at $1.80 for each 350ml bottle when the price for a one-litre carton of Yeo's soya bean milk sells at FairPrice at $1.80 considered profiteering on the pretext that the product is "freshly prepared" ?

Had a public-spirited person not exposed the repackaging, consumers would continue to buy the drink at a high price, believing it to have been freshly made at the outlets.

BreadTalk is a publicly listed company that is also one of Singapore's most promising and distinctive brands, which makes the matter even more disappointing.

Francis Cheng