School accommodated child's condition

My daughter, Emily Faith Yap, has been diagnosed with Geniculate ganglion neuralgia, a condition that arises from the blood vessel pressing onto a nerve and it causes pain and tinnitus in her left ear.

She was hospitalised and missed school for the whole of April, and is on a high dosage of pain killers which needs to be administered every three hours.

The principal of Northland Primary School granted Emily's grandfather permission to be in school to administer her medication and even arranged for him to wait for her in the school's air-conditioned library.

On Emily's first day back in school, teachers, staff and security guards welcomed her with open arms, encouraging her and helping her to ease back into school.

My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Northland Primary School's principal, teachers and staff.

Sherry Ng

New must-visit family spot

I commend and thank PUB and the National Parks Board for creating and sprucing up Jurong Lake Gardens for residents in the western part of Singapore.

I was there with my young children on Labour Day. As a mother who believes in the importance of low-tech, high-touch parenting, I was very heartened to see many parents enjoying park facilities such as the merry-go-round and slides with their children.

It is fast becoming the must-visit family spot in Jurong. I am glad to have such a beautiful garden at my doorstep to create beautiful memories with my family.

Yvonne Kong

Bag returned intact

I absentmindedly left my handbag on a shopping trolley in the carpark at Mustafa Centre earlier this week.

I only realised my handbag was missing when I reached home. I drove back to Mustafa Centre right away and headed for the security counter.

They had the bag and everything was there just as I had left it in the shopping trolley.

I would like to thank and commend everyone who acted so honestly and efficiently, and saved me a great deal of trouble and inconvenience.

Valerie Georgette Dixon

Kudos to SMRT for turnaround

I was happy to read that based on a 12-month moving average, Singapore's MRT network as a whole was on a par with reliability standards in Hong Kong and Taipei (Q1 rail reliability continues to improve, May 4).

This aligns with my belief that our train service has improved, since I have not heard any of my colleagues complain about being late to work due to a train breakdown over the past year.

I congratulate SMRT's management and team for turning it around, having come a long way since recent painful incidents, including the death of staff in an accident along the track in 2016.

Sim Lim Onn