Boost visibility of road markings

The ongoing hazy conditions are affecting drivers' vision.

This is especially so during the night and dawn hours. It worsens when it rains.

It becomes a challenge for drivers on the expressways to keep within the lanes when they can barely make out the lane markings.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA), in its reply ("Trials already on to enhance reflectivity of road markings"; Jan 22, 2014) to my earlier letter suggesting that reflective paint be used to mark out lanes on our expressways ("Hard to make out lane markings"; Jan 9, 2014), said that all road markings are painted with reflective paint.

However, the lane markings are quite hard to make out during thick haze.

In its reply, the LTA added that it was conducting trials to enhance the reflectivity of our road markings with better-quality, embedded reflective materials in our reflective paint.

Could the LTA share the results of its study and its measures to enhance the visibility of road markings during this haze period?

Kevin Chua Hock Meng