Bone health doesn't come out of a bottle

Ever since it became known that calcium is essential for bone health and vitamin D deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency, the consumption of such combination supplements has been prevalent.

It is a complete waste of resources.

For some time already, empirical research has actually debunked the usefulness of these tablets in almost all but those for whom they are clinically clearly needed (Taking vitamin D tablets won't help bone health: Study; Oct 9).

What always helps with bone health is a healthy diet with the necessary nutrients; no excessive body weight; clean living without alcohol, cigarettes or aerated drinks; regular weight-bearing exercises; and, especially, sufficient exposure to the mid-morning and late evening sun.

But some women treasure their fair complexion more than sturdy bones, and some men would far prefer to be cigarette-puffing or inebriated couch potatoes.

On top of these, everyone eats too much of the wrong stuff.

So the convenience of a handy bottle of supplements beckons, placeboic though it has proven to be.

It does not help that our well-intentioned Government, in order to shield us from the elements, provides shaded walkways from our doorways to MRT stations, from whence we disappear underground, only to emerge straight into cooled and UV-protected offices.

The same applies for the mammoth malls, all connected underground.

Yes, it is good to have a choice, but sometimes we should be prodded, motivated and perhaps even shoved in the right direction, even though the medical platitudes may seem tired and unwelcome.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)

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