Bond with kids at the pool - and keep them safe

Adults carry the responsibility of ensuring that their children have fun in the pool in a safe way ("Half of drownings involving kids happened in condo pools"; March 11).

Many parents here believe that teaching children to swim at a young age is a safeguard against drowning.

Indeed, it is better for children to know how to swim; but even swimmers can drown. So, paying close attention when one's child is in the water is still the best thing to do.

It is not uncommon to see parents preoccupied with their phones at swimming pools, even though their eyes should be on their children.

Some busy parents entrust their maids to keep a close watch on their children at the pool. However, maids, too, can be distracted by their phones.

Quite clearly, not all adults know how to give their undivided attention to children.

Many do not seem to know that drowning can happen unexpectedly at any time. Once a child goes underwater, having someone nearby is crucial.

Before suggesting safety measures like fencing off swimming pools or hiring more lifeguards, we should learn how to give children the attention they need in the pool.

Use pool time with your children as an opportunity for family bonding. It brings you closer and keeps them safer.

William Tan Whee Kiem