Bird nuisance at eateries a danger to health

On July 14, I took two Hong Kong interns to visit Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, where we settled down for some Malay tidbits.

The building is constructed in traditional Malay style, with cross beams supporting the roof structure.

Birds perched on the beams and were flying over the heads of the diners, creating a big nuisance.

Some droppings landed right on the food we were about to eat, to the shock of the Hong Kong interns and embarrassment of myself and other diners.

I hope the National Environment Agency will take the bird nuisance at eating places seriously.

It not only stains our image as an advanced, clean and green country, but also poses a great health risk to diners.

Making our public eating places bird-free is an achievable task. All that is needed is some serious effort, coordination and cooperation by all parties.

Henry Ong Kok Seong