Bike-sharing firms should pay for use of proper parking spaces

Since the recent launch of bicycle-sharing schemes, there have been many reports of indiscriminate parking of bikes (Errant users giving bike-sharing a rough ride; April 15).

Such practices take place because of a "park as you wish" approach and the lack of designated parking spaces.

Users find such schemes convenient as they do not have to worry about where to park their bikes.

But this has also led to antisocial behaviour, and there have been reports that some bikes were repainted, had their parts dismantled and stolen, or were thrown into canals.

The authorities need to put a stop to the situation before it gets worse.

Currently, all privately owned bikes are required to be parked at designated areas defined by the authorities.

So it is only right to require the same of the shared bikes.

The bike-sharing companies, being profit-driven, should be made to pay for the use of the parking spaces.

Bike-sharing is a good initiative - but only if it does not inconvenience others.

Lim Tong Wah