Bigger font size needed for share price data

It is refreshing to note that the prices of shares listed on the Singapore Exchange are back in print in some of the local media.

However, the font size used is too small.

SGX can surely do better by having the share price information in a bigger font size, so that it will be less of a strain on the eyes of all readers, especially for older people.

In addition to the main share price information, it will be useful to have a full listing of all Catalist listings, the prices of all share warrants, bonds, et cetera.

Perhaps SGX could also consider publishing a full list of all listed securities which have gone through a name-change exercise, and that of securities which have consolidated their shares in recent months, together with the respective consolidation ratios.

SGX should make available the same information in The Straits Times as well, as it has a much wider reach among the investing public.

Natarajan A.