Benefits of going vegetarian

I agree with Dr Yik Keng Yeong that adopting a vegetarian diet can be of help in preventing some chronic diseases ("Life-saving benefits from a vegetarian diet"; Forum Online, Dec 16, 2016).

In Singapore, it is not difficult to find restaurants or eating places serving good quality vegetarian meals ("Singapore named second most vegan-friendly city in Asia by Peta"; Straits Times Online; Dec 27, 2016).

The dishes are varied, and going vegetarian does not mean compromising on taste and presentation.

There is also a wide choice of vegetarian products and fresh farm produce at supermarkets.

Vegetarians can get all the vital nutrients needed as long as the diet is a balanced one ("Who needs meat? Vegan athletes say they are just as strong"; Straits Times Online; Nov 13, 2016).

Health aside, there are other benefits if more people become vegetarians. For instance, the grain and crops presently grown to feed livestock could be used to feed humans instead; and that will, in turn, help to reduce methane emissions released from the digestive tracts of livestock whose numbers have increased exponentially as world demand for meat soars ("Soaring methane emissions threaten climate goals"; Dec 13, 2016).

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)