Beautify Merdeka Bridge for SG50

Merdeka Bridge was aptly named during those turbulent years in the 1950s and 1960s to commemorate the hard-fought independence of our nation.

It goes across the Kallang River, connecting the eastern suburb to the Central Business District.

We should attach more importance to this bridge. It symbolises our success in achieving self-autonomy and subsequent independence from the British administration.

It is closely associated with our sovereignty as a nation, which must never be infringed upon, no matter how or why.

As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee this year, it makes sense to beautify the Merdeka Bridge as well.

The bridge may require a fresh coat of paint, with decorative colourful flags lining both sides of the bridge parapet.

This would put the bridge in the spotlight, reminding Singaporeans of that significant part of our modern history.

In the euphoria of the SG50 celebrations and the National Day Parade this year, we have somehow overlooked the existence of this bridge.

I look forward to the decoration of Merdeka Bridge before our SG50 celebrations end.

Teo Kok Seah