Be vigilant about race issues

The reminder by Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shamugam of the need to uphold racial equality could not be more timely, and Singaporeans should take heed ("Shanmugam stresses need to uphold racial equality"; Feb 2).

In Singapore, our hard work in bringing people together has helped us build a proud nation, and this must be reinforced at all times.

The Government has played its part. It is now up to the people of Singapore to ensure that we consider our thoughts and actions carefully when interacting with others, regardless of race, language and belief.

It is important that we continue to see diversity and the respect for it as being sacrosanct, if we are going to continue to progress and add to our well-being.

This process has to be all-encompassing and inclusive, and not leave anyone out.

All should be made to feel at home and be a part of proceedings, as we work ever harder to make this a home for all.

We must remain one at all times, realising that we have all benefited from it.

Let us continue to maintain this harmony that took us so long to nurture.

Let us not for even one moment get too complacent and comfortable about our situation, lest we forget how we got here and what can happen, should we take our eyes off the ball.

Manoraj Rajathurai