Be ready to accept change and disruption

Miss Tey Siew Min ("Unchanging education system greatest threat to job prospects"; Nov 4) suggested that a major revamp of our education system is needed to prepare our young for new challenges in the future.

In a fast-globalising world with increasing geopolitical dynamics affecting our destiny, our young need to learn more about developments outside Singapore.

They should be well-equipped with linguistic and social skills, and be articulate enough to deal with foreigners.

Early exposure to internship and the learning of practical skills are needed. Classrooms or workshops can be set up in big corporations. This would also provide a platform for our teachers to update and upgrade themselves.

Our Government, people and business sector have to do more to prepare for the uncertainties and disruptions in the future.

To stay ahead in the global race, we have to take bolder steps than before, which would entail higher risks.

The civil service, in particular, needs to ramp it up. A new set of paradigms or culture for risk-taking should be developed. Civil servants should be encouraged and rewarded for introducing changes.

The public should also hold a more positive, forbearing attitude towards changes made by the Government. They must be willing to accept temporary inconveniences or even blunders in the process, and not blame the authorities if changes are not smooth-sailing.

As with any change or disruption, there are people who stand to gain more than others. We need to continually come up with remedies and assistance for those who may lose out. This is part of the cost of change that we have to pay.

Albert Ng Ya Ken