Be prepared for recovery process after an attack

Our Government has a series of strategies in place to counter terrorist attacks here.

But while the "hardware" is installed, how well prepared are we in terms of "software"?

The journey of recovery in the aftermath of a terrorist attack is a long one. Not everyone has insurance coverage, and not all insurance policies cover terrorist attacks.

How can the Government help those who are affected?

Perhaps a fund can be set up to help them tide over the critical moments.

The money can be used for the victims' hospital bills, to give their families financial relief, and to fund their children's educational needs.

Besides money, the authorities can also provide counselling sessions for victims and their families.

The authorities and religious organisations should stand together to condemn terrorist acts.

The media can also keep the public updated of the situation and play the National Anthem to strengthen bonding between citizens and show the terrorists that we are not defeated by their actions.

Elliot Taylor Hong