Be more flexible with NDP invitation

I was delighted to receive an invitation to this year's National Day Parade, together with one for my son. I was thrilled especially because I have never attended an NDP parade.

My son, having been to last year's parade, did not share my enthusiasm. He decided instead to give his invitation to my wife so that we could attend the parade together.

I called the National Service Affairs Department to ask for permission for my wife to take over his place but was very disappointed with their reply.

They told me that if my son could not attend, I would have to attend the parade alone. I quoted him what Colonel Koh Eee Wen, chairman of the NDP 2017 parade and ceremony committee, said at a briefing on the parade earlier this week: "Besides recognising NSmen, we are also recognising their families. We know that when NSmen have to come to camp to report for duty, it's really the family helming the home front."

My wife is a very important part of the NS family. So it is very disappointing that she cannot be part of this celebration.

Peh Kwee Nam