Be bolder to bring about greener changes

It is obvious that not everyone is a fan of the green movement and, perhaps, only radical action can bring about the need for people to be environmentally conscious.

Recyclable plastic is often dumped into general waste bins because citizens are not prepared to make that extra effort to get to the nearest recycling bin.

It could be because some have grown tired to the idea of going green.

Some might say: "How to recycle? Everything is so complicated."

I have sometimes had to search hard to discover how to recycle some obscure items, and find it difficult to think about recycling.

The people must be shown that recycling is for our protection and survival and is in the nation's best interest.

The Government must be bolder. To this end, scientists and the Government should collaborate more, both parties supporting each other in events, speeches, activities and campaigns, garnering the weight necessary to sway public sentiment.

I believe that connecting the need to be green with being a good Singaporean is key to casting recycling in a better light.

The Government needs to be bolder because we are calling for radical change in the behaviour of Singaporeans.

Jonathan Ng Hian Leong