Ban import of huskies into Singapore

Among the dogs abandoned by pet owners here are alaskan and siberian huskies.

Huskies originally hailed from places such as Alaska and north-eastern Siberia.

Considering the fact that they come from places where the weather is bitterly cold and dry, it is not hard to imagine that these dogs will find it extremely challenging to adapt to Singapore's hot and humid climate.

In the past, there have been incidents of huskies dying because of dehydration and severe thirst, as their owners failed to provide adequate water for them, especially when the dogs were left at home while the owners travelled overseas.

To prevent such catastrophes from happening, I strongly urge the authorities to ban the import of huskies into our country.

Dog owners must be equipped with the rudiments of dog behaviour before adopting them as pets.

They must be taught to ascertain which breeds are suitable for Singapore's environment.

Dogs are not toys, and we need to accord them with the kind of respect and love they richly deserve.

Catherine Tai Siew Leng (Ms)