Bad behaviour of cabby over short trip

It is common to hear of taxi drivers at Changi Airport behaving strangely when asked to go to Pasir Ris.

My friend's family, who live in Pasir Ris, experienced this when they returned from their holiday and got into a taxi at the airport.

When the driver was told of their destination, he became upset and got into the driver's seat without helping them with their luggage.

Throughout the journey, the driver behaved rudely; his words showed his contempt for his passengers.

While alighting, he slammed the taxi door roughly and injured my friend's son's fingers. He claimed he did not see the boy.

While it is understandable that Pasir Ris is close to Changi Airport and drivers may not earn a big fare by going there, such behaviour is unacceptable.

Taxi companies should do something to address the problem. Such behaviour spoils the image of the country.

N. Nagesh