Auto-sensor toilets can waste a lot of water

I applaud the Government's latest pitch on the need to conserve water (Price hike reflects scarcity value of water: Masagos; March 2).

Many concerned citizens have suggested various ways in which we can cut back on water usage.

One area where I think a significant amount of water can be saved is in shopping malls and hotels that use the automatic sensor toilet flush system.

When I was at the new Hillion Mall recently, the automatic sensor in the toilet triggered the flush three times in 30 seconds.

This is a common occurrence in many Singapore shopping malls and hotels.

Imagine the sheer volume of water wastage on top of the unpleasant experience of having water splash on you while using the toilet.

I support the Government's push to conserve water but the authorities responsible for approving such equipment need to do their part so that their actions are consistent with the Government's policy.

Lim Boon Seng