Asian values serve us well

In her book, A Hakka Woman's Singapore Stories, Dr Lee Wei Ling demonstrates fortitude and greatness of soul and will be remembered for being courteous, respectful, courageous, conscientious and compassionate ("Lee Wei Ling's candid views make for a page-turner" by Mr Teo Kok Seah; Sept 27).

I hope her passion for literary expression and her sharing of her experiences will enrich our lives and help us create a more wholesome value system capable of withstanding new pressures, facing new challenges, and making every one of us a better person.

After the resounding success of the recent general election, uppermost in the minds of most parents is what the future holds for their children.

Values hold the key to a meaningful life but the young people of today, the "Me Me Me Generation", are more self-centred and less inclined to give of their time beyond personal pursuits.

The Asian values of our forefathers melded different cultures together and helped us embrace multiracialism. Passion, purpose and perseverance took us from independence to SG50, and will serve us well in the next 50 years.

Thoughtful words and deeds to express the right things, at the right time, are our virtues.

A successful nation is one where the Government and the people share many commonalities and work cohesively for the betterment of future generations.

Baby Mathen Mathews