Are we demanding too much from kids?

I read with interest last Saturday's special report on the burgeoning tuition scene in Singapore ("Tuition nation").

There is a need to not just look at the parents who seem to fuel the industry because of their fears that their children might underperform, but we must also revisit the curriculum set in our schools.

As a tutor myself, I am concerned about the pace of our education system, as well as the constant changes our students and teachers have to endure.

Parents are naturally concerned when they see their children trying to grapple with an education system that demands much. This, in turn, has a ripple effect on their fears that their children might not succeed in school, hence, the rise in the number of tutors being engaged.

There is a need to really look afresh at what our schools offer. Are we giving children an information and skills overload at the expense of social and emotional learning?

Studies have shown that students who are socially and emotionally prepared eventually fare better with their school work. This is the best route to develop resilient and responsible citizens of the future.

Ian Poulier