Are fire safety measures in Singapore good enough?

Mr Goh Geok Leong raises many valid concerns about fire safety and access but misses the heart of the issue (What is the drill in the event of fire in HDB point block? June 16).

In the London fire, the cause of the ferocious blaze appears to be a poor choice of cladding and flammable insulation material.

A similar fire at a building in Jurong East recently damaged the building's external wall cladding (Fire destroys facade of building; woman dead; May 5).

London's tower block fire is a sobering reminder that the fire here could have easily been much worse.

How can we be certain of the level of fire protection installed in buildings? Can the Singapore Civil Defence Force shed light on the competency of the fire protection contractors? Is there any certification and traceability as to who can be held responsible?

How does the Building and Construction Authority ensure that contractors do not use such flammable materials?

With regular reports of fires here, I shudder to think what would happen if one breaks out in one of our high-rise buildings.

I hope the authorities can address these concerns.

S C Tay

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