Arduous journey to renew travel pass

I applied for an Adult Monthly Travel Pass from TransitLink in July.

It was due to expire on Aug 4, so on Aug 3, I went to Chinatown MRT station to use the automated general ticketing machine to renew the pass. However, the screen was blank.

I went to the ticketing office and was told that it was a software problem. I was advised to try the other machines, but none worked.

The MRT station's customer service officer tried the machine with his own card, and it worked.

I decided to try my luck again at Outram station. I was able to renew my pass only by going to the manned ticketing office and paying in cash. I still could not do so at the automated machines.

The staff there told me that if I wanted my pass replaced, I would have to go to Tiong Bahru station. But at Tiong Bahru station, the staff there told me that there was nothing wrong with my pass.

Yet, when I tried to renew the pass on Aug 29 at City Hall station's general ticketing machines, the staff there told me I could not do so at these machines.

Given all the issues in trying to renew my pass at the automated machines, it seems that there really is something wrong with my pass.

However, no MRT staff member has been able to help me resolve the issue, other than to refer me to other stations.

Tan Lai Keong