Appoint block leaders to help abused seniors

Elder abuse appears to be on the rise. The recent case of a man who allegedly told his neighbour to feed her 58-year-old mother faeces and urine highlights the need for better protection for our seniors, some of whom may be suffering from abuse in silence ("Neighbour charged with abetting abuse"; last Saturday).

Taking care of the elderly is no easy task because some seniors - who could be grappling with serious medical conditions, including psychological issues - can test one's patience. And financial problems can add to the already heavy strain on the caregivers.

To help stamp out elder abuse, community spirit and good neighbourliness must prevail. To this end, I propose that block leaders be appointed in all housing estates.

These block leaders, working with the areas' MPs and grassroots leaders, can be the point persons to be consulted if there are suspected cases of abuse. They can keep a watchful eye on any form of abuse, look into suspected cases, and provide the necessary support.

Raymond Anthony Fernando