Anti-smoking campaigns must address root causes

While I support the move to ban cigarette displays and tighten rules on online tobacco advertisements, more must be done to address the overall issue of smoking ("Cigarette displays to be banned from next year"; March 15).

The move will not be effective in curbing smoking among current smokers unless they have resolved to quit.

Hence, schemes such as the Health Promotion Board's I Quit campaign should be conducted in tandem.

But measures targeted at current smokers fail to prevent the rest of the population, especially teenagers, from picking up smoking. The root causes, such as social influence, high levels of stress and the possible excitement of experimenting, are not addressed.

In such instances, education and support have crucial roles to play.

While it may be difficult to impose a complete ban on cigarettes, it is worth noting that other tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes and shisha, are banned here.

Let us not downplay the possibility of a smoke-free Singapore.

Katrina Yeo Mei Pying (Miss)