Allow US-based son to opt out of MediShield Life

The authorities have automatically enrolled my son in the MediShield Life scheme because he is a Singapore citizen.

I have tried to explain to them that it is unfair to ask him to pay a premium for a policy that he does not need and will never be able to use, as he has settled down with his family in the United States for the past 15 years, and he plans to continue to do so.

Though he is a permanent resident in the US, he has decided to hold on to his Singapore citizenship out of loyalty. He already has a very expensive health insurance policy in the US.

The new MediShield scheme is certainly a blessing for Singaporeans who have high medical costs to bear.

A clear definition of who is covered is stated on the Health Ministry's website: As an insurance scheme, MediShield Life premiums will be risk-pooled to support the payouts and benefits under MediShield Life.

This means that the scheme should apply only to people who participate in or benefit from the Singapore healthcare system.

I request that the authorities take a broader view, based on the intention of the legislature, and consider that since my son is not a consumer of the Singapore healthcare system, it is not fair to enrol him in this scheme.

Subramaniam Rajalingam