Allow security guards to choose shorter shift

Extending the deadline for security firms to implement the Progressive Wage Model would not be efficient and should not be encouraged ("Security firms not ready for wage ladder"; July 24).

Private security personnel act as the eyes and ears for our homeland security. They supplement our overstretched police force in keeping our country safe and in maintaining a low crime rate.

Typically, security personnel work 12-hour shifts, with one day off a week, despite their letter of employment indicating just an eight-hour duty with compulsory four hours' overtime daily.

I suggest that security personnel be given the option to choose shorter work hours on some days, so that they can have better quality family time, recreation and rest.

As security threats and risks around the world and in our region increase, we need strong, vigilant, and mentally and physically active security personnel on the ground.

A lack of proper rest would hamper their total readiness during emergencies and crises.

Syed Abdul Muneef Syed Muhammad