Allow modified use of old parking coupons

Higher parking charges at Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority carparks come into effect on Dec 1.

It has been announced that old coupons may be traded in for new ones by topping up the difference at 155 locations ("Sale and exchange of new parking coupons from Oct 12: HDB, URA"; ST Online, Oct 11).

Perhaps the authorities could consider an alternative - allowing the use of old coupons with a reduced duration proportionate to the value of the old coupons from Dec 1.

For example, for $1.20 per hour parking spaces, the old $1 coupon could be valid for 50 minutes, and the old 50-cent coupon could be valid for 25 minutes.

This will save vehicle owners much inconvenience and reduce additional administrative and accounting work in connection with the trading in and topping up of old coupons.

Dennis Oei Chooi Leng