Allow A-level results to be publicised

With the recent Joint Admissions Exercise for O-level students, I realised that many junior colleges (JC) do not publish their school's general A-level results on their websites.

This forces parents and students to choose JCs based on the school's previous cut-off point, co-curricular activities and the distance from home.

I notice that only Serangoon JC posted charts showing its mean A-level rank points, percentage of students eligible for local universities, and percentage of students offered places in university over the years.

I applaud it for publishing this, even though there was a slight dip in its mean A-level rank points. This shows character.

This may also explain its increasing popularity among mid-tier JCs.

Such information is important to parents and students because the primary objective of going to JC is to at least get into university.

Since the blackout of the results of many national examinations, only the International Baccalaureate (IB) results have been published in the papers.

Why are these schools allowed to make their top IB students known, while the A-level results are not celebrated?

We should start publishing the A-level results of JCs, as the students should be mature enough to recognise that the real world is competitive too.


Ivan Goh Sian Lung