All must do their part in containing Zika

The Zika virus in Singapore is rapidly spreading ("14 new cases of Zika reported; total now 355"; Sept 16).

We must make a concerted effort to eradicate Zika transmission, and extend our vector control measures beyond the current affected areas.

Residents must play an active role in preventing mosquitoes from breeding in their own homes and their surroundings. Every breeding habitat must be destroyed.

The National Environment Agency should inspect every area for mosquito breeding, and spray insecticide and engage thermal fogging of outdoor areas to kill adult mosquitoes. There must also be increased frequency of drain flushing and oiling.

I am happy that the Government has a robust and well-tested system in place to deal with potential outbreaks of diseases and infections.

I hope foreign workers will be given subsidised rates for Zika testing, especially with the growing number of cases.

Singapore is a role model for other countries in its handling of Zika cases. It is difficult to control this infection, and we must all do our part.

V. Balu