All lift owners reminded to display valid permits

We thank Mr Loong Chik Tong for his feedback (New rule for lifts largely ignored; Forum Online, Oct 6).

On July 25 last year, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) introduced requirements for all lift owners to obtain Permits to Operate (PTOs) before their lifts are allowed to operate.

From Sept 1 this year, it became a requirement for valid PTOs to be displayed in lifts at all times. The industry was made aware of these requirements in July last year, and again via a reminder in June this year.

With regard to the lifts mentioned in Mr Loong's letter, we have verified that they all have valid PTOs and that these PTOs are displayed currently.

The BCA will be issuing another advisory to remind all lift owners of the requirement to display valid PTOs in their lifts. We will also remind lift owners that failure to display valid PTOs is an offence liable for fines of up to $5,000.

Members of the public who come across lifts that do not have valid PTOs displayed can inform BCA at

Teo Orh Hai

Group Director (Building Plan and Management)

Building and Construction Authority

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