All eyes on 'president for all Americans'

I congratulate President-elect Donald Trump on his victory ("From Trump Tower to the White House"; Nov 10).

I am glad that Mr Trump has promised to be "a president for all Americans".

Although he will be America's first president with no political or military background, he is a shrewd businessman and one of the richest people in America and the world.

I hope that he will use that acumen and experience in his presidency.

I was disturbed when I heard Mr Trump's comment about Asian countries, among them Singapore, stealing jobs from Americans ("Countries like S'pore stealing US jobs: Trump"; Nov 8). I would like to believe that this is only campaign rhetoric.

I hope Mr Trump will stop American or Western entities from bullying non-Western and Asian countries by forcing them to accept or embrace Western democracy.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Ace Kindredzen Cheong