Aim to win hearts of all Singaporeans

With the People's Action Party winning 69.9 per cent of the vote ("PAP wins big with 69.9% of vote"; Sept 12), the question remains as to who makes up the remaining 30.1 per cent.

Are they hardcore opposition supporters who will vote for the opposition, no matter what?

Gaining nearly 70 per cent of the vote is a high point for the PAP, and a uniquely Singapore achievement that politicians in other countries can only dream of.

Garnering 83 seats out of 89 in the House is an awesome power, which should come with great responsibility to lift the downtrodden.

Will the PAP be able to go beyond 70 per cent in the next election?

It may be possible, if the PAP puts in its all in the coming five years, and reaches out with its policies, strategies and non-arrogant attitude to melt the hearts of hardcore opposition voters.

The process has to start from now.

I hope this will be the target that the PAP sets for itself to scale greater heights in governing Singapore judiciously with an even hand.

Tan Kok Tim